Our Story

My name is Kim Lyon, I grew up in Selma, Alabama and now live with my husband William and our children a few miles down the road near Benton. 

Since 2004, I have poured thousands of candles for retailers, fundraisers, corporations, Christmas gifts, weddings, and friends. We have been blessed with orders from the East Coast to California.

As my children started getting older (more activities) and realizing just how busy that can be I noticed that I wasn't burning as many candles. I didn't want to forget and leave one burning as I left the house BUT I wanted to come home to a great smelling house while I was out running the kids around. So I started to experiment with different mediums around our house to carry and emit my custom scent creations.

What I eventually found to work exceptionally well was right in my own backyard; the Southern Loblolly Pine Cone . After a lot of experimentation, I've created a line of scents (with more to come) using that plentiful natural resource. 

Be sure to check out our line of scents!

- Kim Lyon, founder & creator